Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pirates! And Fallschirmjäger!

Thought I'd post some of my latest figures:

I'm a sucker for a nice figure. When I see some well-sculpted figures I get an urge to paint them. No other way to describe it. That's how I got into WWI, and it's the same with these pirates from Black Scorpion Miniatures:

Avast, landlubber!

Make way for the Royal Navy!

These represent one to two figures from a few different packs (they come four to a pack).

I have halted all other work in order to paint up a raffle prize for Southern Front. I'm planning on contributing a WWII fallschirmjäger unit by Artizan Designs; I've got the first 3 well under way and should finish them today (except for the basing):

The pack came with five riflemen, two submachine-gunners, an MG-42 gunner and loader (with a rifle), and an officer (with an MP-40). The convention is about a month away, so I've got about that much time to get these finished!

Later on!