Friday, August 21, 2009

Are the Russians Back?

I just wanted to divert quickly from the miniatures theme to comment on the recent Sov... er... Russian activity in our (the US) neck of the woods.

First off, the presence of the two Russian subs is about all their navy can muster, and the fact that we know about it shows that our navy is still good at hunting theirs. Information Dissemination posted a link to an article that "[suggests] the Russian Navy is on an irreversible slide toward only 50 ships by 2020 and there is little reason to expect anything but collapse of the Russian Navy."

Sauté their inability to get their new SLBM to fly in butter and garnish it with a gaping disparity in bomber capabilities, and you have a recipe for continued US dominance. Joe Biden has already broken down the facts for anyone who needs to have it spelled out.

Right now, the lead is ours to lose.

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