Friday, August 21, 2009

288 Days Later

Rumors of the death of my blog have been greatly exaggerated. A lot has happened, but (hopefully, fingers crossed...) I am back for a good while.

Some progress: Finished painting a good amount of Early War WWI minis, and I'm going to put on a game at a local shop tomorrow using the Iron Ivan Price of Glory rules. I hope to take pictures and have a full report. I've also been making roads with aluminum foil, hot glue, and sand and I hope to post a how-to on this. They're a little tedious - it takes about an hour to lay the glue for an 18" x 4" strip with my tiny glue gun - but they're cheap, appear sturdy (time will tell), and completely customizable.

A little while ago I helped to put on another Northern Crusades games at the local shop, and will be running it at Southern Front 2009, now held at the Raleigh Hilton! If all goes well tomorrow and I can get a slot, I maybe putting on this WWI scenario there, too.

Next on the block will be a couple of Cog Wars crews, and then I want to get back to painting Flames of War!

Lack of progress: The Sculpey building was scrapped in favor of foam core construction. I have a prototype building made up, and hope to make some more in the near future to expand the town.

Massive fail: haven't played FoW in a long time. I now have a decent table, a 5' x 9' ping pong table, and so now I have no excuse for not gaming more.

For the time being, you'll have to be content with some pics of some FoW Russian vehicles.

Until next time...

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