Monday, October 6, 2008

WWI Inventory

In the interest of making progress on my WWI figures I decided to step back and consider at the big picture. This is what it looks like:

This is the current status of my early WWI stuff:

The French:
  • 16 Chasseurs painted & based
  • 2 Brigade Games 75s, painted and based
  • 2 Command, painted and based
  • 12 cavalry, painted and based (including 3 command)
  • 20 infantry in red trousers, painted (some of these are command figures, but I'm not sure which exactly...)
  • 6 infantry, WIP
  • 8 infantry, basecoated
  • 16 more infantry, ready for basecoating. 8 of them are bombers
  • 1 Hotchkiss HMG, painted and awaiting basing (more on this later!)
  • 1 Hotchkiss HMG, assembled (not shown)
  • 16 Marines, still in the packaging
The Germans:
  • 16 German infantry painted & based, a combination of pickelhaube/gasmask and feldmütze, painted and based
  • Maxim HMG, painted and based
  • 7.7cm field gun, pained and based
  • 4 command, painted and based
  • 4 command, awaiting basecoat
  • 2 Maxim HMGs, still in the packaging
  • 2 unopened packs of skirmishing infantry
  • 2 unopened packs of Jägers
  • 1 unopened pack of bombers
These are the Germans:

These are the current French WIP:

These are the French:

These are the Chasseurs:

The French support weapons:

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