Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WWI and More

I have been trying to post regularly, since I am hoping that this blog will help me paint regularly and work though all the bare lead I have lying around, but life intervened and I missed Monday's post. I didn't stop painting, however. Since last Thursday, I have painted up two medieval cogs from Old Glory's line of 15mm resin ships.

They actually painted up pretty quickly. I had these two basecoated black and then left them to sit for a few months. They are painted mostly by drybrushing lighter and lighter shades over the black, and both of these went from black to this in a few hours:

I did make progress on my WWI minis, finishing off six more early war French poilus (not including the dullcote):

One thing that I am happy about is that I think I am through 'experimenting' and have developed a definite system for painting these guys. These ones turned out pretty nice.

Sneak preview! In keeping with the "and more" theme, I also painted up a pack of Old Glory 15s Gallic light horse for use with my Ancient British for Field of Glory. These guys are not 100% complete (the spears and shoes being obvious, but there are some other touch-ups I want to do), but hopefully I will finish them off tomorrow. I will post more and better pictures when they are finished and based up.

My goal is to get a few battle groups for Field of Glory going so that I can start figuring out the rules. I've also got a pack of Old Glory 15s Roman Auxilia on deck and basecoated... they're next and then they can chase the light horse around while I learn to play!

Until next time...


Marty said...

Great work Nick! I assume you're going to be working on the crews for those Cogs as well? It'd be nice to get another Cog war game in sometime.

How are you painting your 15mm figs...that'd be a nice article. I'm always a little intimidated by trying to go for such detail on 15mm of the reasons I've gone to 25mm.

Nick said...

Hey, Marty. That's a good idea. I was planning on doing a start-to-finish French rifleman, and I'll do an article or two on the 15mm stuff...

I will post on a bunch of 15mm topics when I get back around to painting my Flames of War stuff, too!