Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finishing the French Hotchkiss

This past week I've been doing some painting, but I also decided to finish off my French Hotchkiss HMG. I took a series of photos of the basing. When I first got into miniatures, it was sequences like this that helped me figure out the basics, and the more people that I can help get into or stick with miniature wargaming the better...

For the base I used my dremel to cut a 2" x 3" rectangle of hardboard. This is the same stuff that you can buy with holes in it for use as "pegboard," just without the holes. I'll glue the gun down to an offset position to make room for other gun crew on the base so that they can easily be moved as a unit on the board.

Also, when I was toying with the gun to see exactly how the pieces were going to fit into the gunner's hands, I managed to snap off the rear handle of the gun. Rather than glue it back on the gun, I glued it into the gunner's hand.

The HMG barrel still had a slight downward tilt (barely noticable, but it bothered me) even after tweaking the tripod legs as much as I cared to, so I decided to build up the base a little to give the gun the desired level or slightly upward tilt. For that I used Elmer's Wood Filler.

I spread the wood filler on with a stick about where I would place the gun, and then left it to dry overnight.

At this scale, I usually use white glue and flock for the basing, so I used an old brush to spread on some Elmer's Glue-All (no, I don't own any Elmer's stock...), slightly thinned down with water.

Then I liberally coated the base, poured on some Woodland Scenics flock, and left that to dry overnight. I don't usually tap off the flock until the glue is dry because it can soak through a thinner layer of flock and darken it.

The flocked base. I'm not sure what to do about the sides at the moment. I flocked the sides on my German Maxim base, but it seemed to rub off. Maybe I'll just paint the sides brown. In the future I may slightly bevel the edges with my dremel to make it less of an issue.

After that, I just glued the gun to the base with white glue, and glued the gunner on with the same. The base looked pretty bare so I decided to add some clump foliage.

And there you have a finished Renegade Hotchkiss HMG.

Until next time...

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